Healing from the inside out.


A labyrinth is a walking meditation.  It has a set beginning and a set ending.   And it can be done with as much purpose or lightness feels right at the time.

This path represents a clearly defined journey to your soul. There is only one route and it has a boundary so you cannot go astray. The path winds inward and outward so that you stay focused as you move forward.

Walking a labyrinth gives you an opportunity to begin with an intention, a prayer or a question. You are taking it into its center, which is also your own heart. Feel the weight of it as you move forward.  This may be done by repeating a prayer or chant or simply walking with intention.

When you arrive at the center, rest a moment.  Contemplate what brought you to this place.  Review the journey - both internal and external.  Be open to feeling changes in whatever was on your mind or heart. 

Reaching the center, pause to reflect, pray, and listen for an answer or for deeper revelation. You may find that it has transformed into something lighter and freer.  Now you are just as focused as you travel to your outer world, perhaps with a new lightness.

Upon exiting, absorb the experience with continued reflection, prayer, journaling, or perhaps a new perspective.

Inner Labyrinths offers a variety of therapies for you to explore, “Who am I?” 

Join me as we appreciate who we are now and get excited about what is to come.

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